Gato Negro Chardonnay 2010


I was just glancing through The Store‘s website, and noticed they are offering the Chateau Margaux 2000 Bordeaux Blend on sale for $1999, down $400 from their normal $2499. I wonder if it comes in a 1.5 liter bottle, too? And the Emperor’s clothes look especially fine today. We paid $7.99 for this one, in a 1.5 liter bottle. (for the price of the Margaux I could buy 200 bottles of the Gato Negro, and have enough left over for a car payment).

Gato Negro is one of the labels of Chilean Vina San Pedro, of which there are nine. San Pedro has been around since the 1800’s, the brand Gato Negro since the 60’s, and has been for sale in the U.S. of A since the late 80’s. San Pedro, in turn, is part of VSPT wine group, aka San Pedro Tarapaca, which is made up of nine different Chilean and Argentinian wineries. Gato Negro, which if you had 7th grade Spanish you know is ”Black Cat”, produces 8 varietals sourced from farms scattered over the whole north-south length of Chile.

Their Chardonnay is my first try of Gato Negro. It has a little more deep golden color than some other chards. This wine followed, in our home, another Chardonnay we didn’t like at all. That one had a sour, way-too-much-wood taste, so by comparison this one was, at first, refreshing, light, and balanced. I had a glass and half two evenings in a row, and by night 2 , my initial fondness had waned a bit. Don’t misunderstand-this is not a bad one. It is magnitudes more pleasant and drinkable than the wine it followed, but it is a bit boring. There is no acidity, it feels thin in my mouth, their is no oakiness, and the fruit hints are mere hints.

It is neither a Fave, nor a must-get-more. I will investigate some of the other Gato Negro varietals, though. I think more of reds- Cabs, Malbecs, Merlots- in Latin American wine, and now while The Store has them for 8 bucks per large, it’s a good time to sample some of the darker Black Cats. Since I am a cheapskate.

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2 Responses to Gato Negro Chardonnay 2010

  1. Ohogirl says:

    Actually, their sauvignon Blanc is surprisingly good. Way better than their chardonnay!

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