Black Swan Shiraz 2010


Black Swan, according to the label, is from South Eastern Australia. Many, many popular, affordably priced Australian wines are from this “Super Zone” which covers almost a third of Australia. More upscale Aussie wines may carry a GI, geographical indicator, of a much smaller zone, such as Clare Valley or Barossa Valley (there are dozens), but then all the grapes, by labeling law, must come from that much smaller area. Sort of akin to California wines being divided into, for example, Central Coast, and North Coast, then more specific AVAs (American Viticultural Areas) like Napa, or Sonoma, or Paso Robles. But, in the pursuit of an enjoyable glass for minimal cost, we can’t get too fussy about which side of some artificial line, one created by regulators and marketers, the wine maker gets his fruit from, can we.

This bottle, 1.5 liter, was sale priced at $10.99 at The Store. So, at five and a half bucks per 750, it most definitley meets cheapskate criteria. I was ordered by powerful forces within the home, “bring home wine”, and nearly forgot before it was too late. So, with just minutes to spare before The Store closed, I was going to grab a bottle of a recent FAVE (that post coming soon) because I knew I liked it, but this was right beside it, and the same price, so why not!

It is very nice! Spice, is the clearest “note”. Some cherry. Dark plum. Hint of chocolate? Smooth, no nasty bite, after taste of spice. The Australians sure seem to have the Shiraz thing figured out. (aka Sirah or Syrah). We had this two evenings in a row. Wife (the powerful force mentioned above) liked it a lot, as did I. Definitely a “buy again”, and a cheapskate Fave.

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One Response to Black Swan Shiraz 2010

  1. Redlover says:

    Heard good things about this wine J. I’m going to check it out as well as their Cab.

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