Sunrise Cabernet Sauvignon 2009


Sunrise is one of the labels of Chilean wine conglomerate Vina Concha Y Toro, which wholly owns or partners in some way with about two dozen Chilean and Argentinian wine brands. Concha Y Toro recently announced a deal to acquire California brand Fetzer, which in turn owns six high profile labels, and sells over 2 million cases a year in the U.S., so Concha Y Toro is taking a leap from being already a big player, to among the biggest. Their brands span the price spectrum, with Frontera and Sunrise being the ones in the cheapskate comfort zone.

It’s a new month, and The Store has a whole new batch of promotionally priced stuff. The Sunrise Cabernet Sauvignon and their Merlot are on sale at $7.99 for a 1.5 liter bottle, so we grabbed one of each.

We opened the Cab in the same sitting as finishing a different Cab that I thought was OK but boring and bland, so it made for a reference point with which to compare the Sunrise. And the difference was dramatic. The Sunrise label says, in little script beside the vintage, “….fruit forward….plum aroma…” Right on! That phrase, fruit forward, seems more often used to describe the more, well, fruit forward varietals like Pinot Noir, or Pinot Grigio but it was very accurate. There is an oh-so-subtle acidity or tannin quality to give it some strength and presence, but absolutely no harshness or bite. Very dark in the glass, almost black, nice smell-flowers?-very pleasant.

This is an astounding value. It’s normally eleven bucks, I think, so at eight it’s a steal and it’s a fist pumping, high fiving Fave. I have been trying to mix up purchases of late so as to offer some variety in the brands sampled here, but I must get more of this and stock up while it’s available at this price. I urge you to try this budget priced Cabernet, if you like Cabernets. If you are suspicious of the whole cheapskate philosophy, this one is a strong argument for my position.

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4 Responses to Sunrise Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

  1. lifewith4cats says:

    This is a very simple yet positive descrption of sunrise. It makes me want to try it. Keep up the very cool posts! 🙂

    • J, just J. says:

      hey “cats”…I told you our cat was “with child”……no more. She had 5 babies last Thursday. They still look like little rats-little rounded ears, squinty eyes, but they’r still cute, in a rat sort of way. Now, for the moment anyway we have seven (!!!!!) cats. We’ll end up keeping 1 kitten probably…or 2 or……

  2. Terms of service: 1)must have camera nearby at all times. 2) must take a picture of cute kitties at least once a week. 3) must loose sleep as said kitties roam further and further away from mama and get into everything causing trouble. haha

    Im glad mama kitty did well. If you have an oppertunity: mail me a pic and feedback for my pets showcase page. Ill write up a profile on the cat and mention your blog as well.

  3. eskmom says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! I am just sad that my area stores discontinued it, tho I did snag FOURTEEN bottles at 4.50 each prior to it’s departure. (Have to love a clearance sale at a wine store… :))

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