Morasutti Pinot Grigio 2009


We looked at this label’s Merlot a few weeks ago (see archives), and I reported, then, I could find out very little about Morassutti, other than, as the label indicates, they are from the Fruili-Grave area of Northeast Italy. And that they are among the portfolio of brands owned by The Wine Group, one of the three giants of the adult beverage industry. TWG is, in fact, the 3rd most gigantic of the giants, behind only Gallo and Constellation.

The Store had the 1.5’s of Morassutti Pinot Grigio last month for 8 bucks, and now has the 750ml for $2.99 ! How could I not get a bottle for 3 bucks? Actually, I got two.

For some time, when someone would ask what my favorite “grape” was, I would say Pinot Grigio. I’m not sure that is still true, but I still enjoy the relative fruitiness and easy drinkability of a good P.G., and I like that it is supposed to be cold. Also, there a ton of very flavorful, nicely balanced Pinot Grigios out there for under 10 bucks, so the delineation of a good value versus just a low price, in this category, is pretty strict and severe. You can buy “delicious” from many producers for a Cheapskate price, so there is no need to accept “just OK”. Maybe that’s true of all the common varietals, now that I think about it, but I just haven’t had many P.G.s that weren’t good. That, arguably, being established, the Morassutti Pinot Grigio may not be such a great deal even at 3 dollars.

The Mrs. thought it was just OK. The son liked it- “pear” was his description. I thought it was a tiny bit sour and flat. I first said “peach” flavor, but when “son” suggested pear, I agreed. I had a small glass, didn’t really want more, and moved on to a Cabernet that was next in line to open.

I must make a point, over the coming weeks, to revisit some of the Pinot Grigios of which I have fond memories: Cavit, Yellow Tail, Rex Goliath, Barefoot to name a few. Being the cheapskate that I am, I tend to pass over these at their non-sale price of 7 or 8 dollars, and get sucked in by the ridiculously cheap. But the whole point of this exploration is identifying which wines to buy a second time. I think, in the future, I’ll bypass the Morassuttis.

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