Meridian Pinot Noir 2008


Meridian is a California winery based in the Paso Robles AVA. They produce a broad portfolio of wines from 10ish per bottle to about $30. Everything they make is labeled either “California” or more specifically “Paso Robles” or “Santa Barbara” except this Pinot Noir, which is “Provincia Di Pavia”. That indicates it is from northern Italy, in the Lombardy area, near Milan. I do not know what the relationship between Californian Meridian and Italian winemaking is, nor was I able to find the answers from the Meridian website. In fact, on their shopping page, it shows this Pinot Noir, same year, with a label that says California, but is called Italian in the name. Mysterious. But I’m not going to lose much sleep over this incongruity, because I didn’t care for the wine at all.

Pinot Noir is, typically, big and fruity and aromatic, and easy drinking. This one had a sour note, and was a disappointment. A really good Pinot Noir makes me want to close my eyes, hold the glass under my nose and linger in the fruit smell, but this one smelled (and tasted) like Balsamic vinegar. That’s not necessarily a bad smell. In fact, it is quite appealing when it’s to be poured over an antipasto. But it is not something I want to drink a glass full of.

This was $5.99 for a 750ml bottle, and was in the scratch and dent section of The Store, the section where product goes when they have elected to no longer handle it, and they blow out the remainder. I might surmise their decision to discontinue this item is based on its sales (or lack thereof) relative to others of the same varietal. And that, lackluster sales, I might also surmise, is the cumulative effect of others trying it at the normal 10 bucks, and finding it a Mr. Yuk.

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