Nathanson Creek Merlot

Another experimental purchase instigated by a ridiculously low clearance price. In this case, $5.99 for a 1.5 liter bottle. That, my friend, is a cheapskate price. And it has a cartoon frog on the label, so before opening it, there are a couple handicap points in its favor.

Nathanson Creek Cellars apparently once had a website, because I found some links to it, but all were dead ends. So all I could find was a most skeletal overview. It’s one of the horses in Constellation’s stable (a barn filled with about 70 wine names), and is from Lodi, California in the Lodi-Woodbridge area just west of San Francisco, an area noted for their Zinfandels. I don’t know if there ever was a Nathanson or a Creek, or if the name is just a boardroom concoction. I learned there is a Lodi company called Turner Road Vintners, again, a Constellation asset, that produces several higher end labels as well as producing wine for Woodbridge by Mondavi, one of the California giants headquartered just up the road. Nathanson Creek is, apparently, their budget priced, cheapskate brand.

In any event, we opened (and consumed) the first of the two bottles I bought a few days ago, and opened the 2nd last evening. Not bad, not great, ok though. It smells good, is smooth enough, not a lot of fruit definition or detail though. I just rolled some around in my mouth….no bite or bitterness, mild acidity, OK.

When I was digging around the web trying to find out who Nathanson Creek was, I found another reviewer of this same wine that needs her head-or tongue-examined. She hated it…said it was brown in her glass, smelled strong of alcohol, and tasted sour. Either she opened it a week before trying it, or she was drinking her husbands cheap cologne by mistake because it ain’t so. There’s some in front of me now. It sure isn’t brown-it’s dark violet, and smells like raisins or plums. This isn’t dance on the table, call the neighbors, alert the media good, but is enjoyable and drinkable. And boy was it cheap!

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9 Responses to Nathanson Creek Merlot

  1. Lynda in West Palm says:

    This is my FAVORITE wine to drink…smooth, I don’t get a headache like I do with some others and it IS affordable. However, it seems to have disappeared off the shelfs in the West Palm Beach, Florida area where I live. Does anyone know why this happens? It’s a wonderful wine and it isn’t like no one ever buys it! How can I find more? Thankyou..

    • J, just J. says:

      The store I go to no longer sells it either. Maybe defunct-the website is a dead end. Don’t know. Thanks for visiting and commenting, too. I hope you find another favorite!

  2. I just bought a bottle of this SOLEY because it was the last bottle, listed at 50% off at $4.54 for 1.5L, and well the curiosity got to this wino. Ha!
    I’m a cabernet drinker so I rarely buy merlot. I have to admit I expected the worst and was very presently surprised!
    Is this discontinued?

    • J, just J. says:

      They no longer sell it here either…don’t know, really. It seems to still exist online. I applaud your trying it because it was cheap! Thanks for commenting.

  3. Redlover says:

    I just saw it on Total wines website, but they only sell the 3 liter bottle.(Cab and Merlot) I think it was $6.99. That sounds like a deal. BTW…I’m in Northern Virginia.

  4. Matt says:

    Always experimenting with different wines. When I saw the price on this one I said to myself man this cant be that good. Boy was I surprised this is now one of my favorite wines. But I knew there was something different about it. That’s because it’s not made in the States if made in France. Yes and imported for this cheep price. I had just spent two weeks in France and had some of the best wine of my life some more some less in price and this wine is is truly not bad for the price.

  5. Lindsey says:

    I’m a bartender and we sell this brand where I work in Kansas so it is definitely still available in some areas.

  6. Toicat says:

    To those still in search of a 1.5l bottle of Nathanson Creek in the West Palm Beach area. I bought two bottles @ $13.00 (not a misprint) at the Publix in Tequesta on US Hwy 1. I just could not fight the madness of Total Wine & More on Thanksgiving Eve. But, shame on Publix just the same. Cheers !

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