Fisheye Shiraz

 Fish Eye is an Australian aimed squarely at the Cheapskate end of the market. It is from South Eastern Australia, as are most of the “pop” Aussies. That is about as specific, in terms of its place of origin, as saying an American winery is from West of the Mississippi, meaningless as far bearing predictable characteristics of its terroir. But that isn’t Fish Eye’s gig. Their customer doesn’t go looking for wines from chalky soil, or the mineral notes of a particular river bank. They are about easy drinking, flavorful, affordable wine without costly pretense. Hey, that sounds like me!

 This big bottle of Shiraz, 1.5 liters, was on sale for $8.99, marked down, I think, four bucks. It’s quite good. A bit of spicy black pepper-but not as pronounced as some other low dollar Australian Shiraz, notably Black Swan which is distinctly peppery. It smells of berries, has a nice plum/berry taste, and a brief sustain of fruit after a swallow. A great value. Affordable deliciousness.

I’ve picked up on a subtle disdain for this brand, as well as a few other blatant Cheapskate brands like Barefoot and Sutter Home among STORE personnel. I suppose that in an environment where bottles routinely change hands for $20, $30, $40 and more, it’s hard not to develop a slightly condescending attitude toward these cheapos. But the sad reality, no, the happy reality is that there is bliss to be had here in the low rent district, too. So, boldly proceed through the checkout with your Fisheye Shiraz, for well under 10 bucks, smugly aware that you’ll enjoy it just as much as the guy in front of you with the unpronounceable Chateau Blah Blah Blah for $40.

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3 Responses to Fisheye Shiraz

  1. Peter Marshall says:

    Fisheye is from California not Australia.

    • J, just J. says:

      Fisheye is from Griffith, Australia, in New South Wales…check their website, or read the bottle…Underdog Wine and Spirits is from California, but not their brand Fisheye.

  2. Des Raynor says:

    Some labels say from California and others from Australia so…..All I know is that the Shiraz (made from blackberries,boysenberries etc) is a great tasting wine, “cheapo” or not…stands in a class of its own!…..I’ve tasted expensive “plonk” that cant touch this!!

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