Corbett Canyon Malbec

Practice what you preach! Confession is good for the soul! (insert similar cliché here). I have, in these pages, made light of the faux elitism, the snobbery, the phony “caste” system that is so much a part of wine-dom. But, and here’s the confession, I have been a participant and a practitioner in just such arbitrary, unjustified avoidance of certain brands and categories from among today’s wine choices.

I have not acknowledged the existence of the “jugs”, the 3 or 4 liter bottles of often dubiously named wines. (although our household has often bought and enjoyed Cribari Chianti). I have avoided discussion of the “box” category, even though they are HUGELY popular, and quite economical. And I have avoided some labels, even though they are temptingly priced, because I flagged them in my head as not quite chi chi enough. It’s more “interesting” to try some relatively obscure European wine that tastes like mud. Kind of like admitting you enjoy a Britney Spears song. Enjoying Lucinda Williams sends a much different message.Yes, even here in the low rent district, I’ve been carrying around the same nonsensical connection between “what you drink” and what someone may conclude about you. There! I’ve said it! I like Cribari Chianti, O.K? (but not Britney Spears)

One of those brands has been Corbett Canyon. I suppose some of that is the vivid memory of their obnoxious radio commercials from the….80’s ? 90’s ? Remember? The echo-CORBETT corbett corbett CANYON canyon canyon. And the annoying “actors” portraying yuppies, before that word became a pejorative. But time to lay aside that grudge and give it a try, in no small part because a 1.5 liter bottle is, right now, $6.99.

Corbett Canyon was once a San Luis Obispo winery (in the echo period). They are now part of TWG (The Wine Group), that owns about 30 labels. TWG was once the winery owning part of Coca Cola, but now are a separate entity. Their grapes are sourced now from Chile! Even though I’ve seen bottles of Corbett Canyon winking at me from The Store shelves a zillion times, I never noticed the little, round “Chile” sticker on the front panel.

Wife actually bought this bottle a few days ago, when we were red-less, and white just wasn’t right. She harbors none of the ugly pretense I’ve confessed to (but also doesn’t like Britney Spears music). And it was just fine! Fairly light bodied for a Malbec, soft on the tongue. Nice fruitiness and aroma. Pleasant. Not tannic, obviously “crafted” for broad appeal. Makes me actually want to try their Merlot and Cabernet. At 7 bucks for a big bottle, I need to explore more! But I’ll have to wear a paper sack over my head with holes cut out for my eyes while I’m in The Store so no one I know sees me buying it.

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One Response to Corbett Canyon Malbec

  1. Jen says:

    The Merlot is actually very good for the price. It pairs well with many dishes and, though light bodied, hints of cherry and toasty oak shine through. It’s not a high end Merlot, but impressive.

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