Gazela Vinho Verde

A common scenario: You, person A (or couple A), are dropping by a friends place, person B (or couple B) to hang out, have some light snacks, maybe watch a movie. You (A) would like to take along an adult beverage that both A and B will enjoy, but, alas, B isn’t real big on wine. Alternative scenario: You, again A, are meeting the B’s at a sushi joint, and you would like to take along a beverage that will enhance the meal, and will be enjoyed by the A’s and the B’s. It wouldn’t hurt, either, if when you take the bottle out of the bag the B’s say, “OOO! What’s that?” Still another scenario: There’s an afternoon cookout at your place and the B’s are dropping by. You want to serve a wine that is light and refreshing, goes ok with the potato salad and hot dogs, and the B’s will like. (we’re not talking grilled Kobe steaks here…for that you need a big, fat Cabernet….this is light summer fare) Still one more scenario: it’s a Sunday afternoon, it’s 90+ degrees out, it’s just you-no B’s-and you want a well chilled, refreshing white wine for porch sipping. For all those scenarios, I’d like to present Gazela Vinho Verde.

I’ve noticed this selection in The Store for some time now, but knew nothing about it, other than at only $5.99 (750ml) I ought to investigate. A customer, who was buying a bottle, told me I should try it, so I did!

Vinho Verde is a Portuguese wine, from the Vinho Verde region of  northernmost Portugal, made from a variety of blended grapes, none of which I’ve heard of previously: Louireiro, Pederna, Trajadura, and Azal. The result is a very light, very easy to drink, lightly sweet, slightly lemony wine with a touch of fizz. I can’t imagine anyone, even folks who are reluctant to try wine because they are harsh or bitter (wine, not those folks) not enjoying this. It’s almost like drinking Diet Sprite. Not, of course, an all-occasion, every setting wine. What is, though? But very enjoyable. The light fizziness is an interesting textural change, too. It is relatively low in alcohol at 9 percent (most are 12, 13ish).

The wine industry has used the White Zinfandel, White Merlot concoctions as the entry point for non-wine drinkers to tiptoe into the sport. But I’d like to suggest that both seasoned winers and the cautious recent inductees can enjoy this little slice of the spectrum. It’s quite affordable, and quit delicious! Try it.

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3 Responses to Gazela Vinho Verde

  1. My wife loves this in the summer. I think it’s not the best with food, but I like the price and low alcohol content. Because it’s fizzy we drink it in one setting. Even the pumper doesn’t save it.

  2. Lacey says:

    It comes with a screw top now, so mine stayed fizzy for about four days in the fridge. It’s like the Sprite of wine, but so nice in 100-degree heat.

  3. BIG fan of Vihno Verde here too. My fav is Casal Garcia but this one comes a close 2nd. In fact I was able to get this stocked at our store [Winn Dixie] and am glad to say it is moving briskly its first week. Perfect Summer wine.
    Thank you.

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