Two Oceans Shiraz

 It’s a good time to be cheap! I’m referring, of course, to the wine universe I move about in, not trying to make commentary on global economic conditions-though it may be applicable. The Store I frequent is, at the moment, blowing out a wide selection of wine and spirits, so a little opportunistic restocking is in order! I picked up 17 bottles, all the 750ml size, for $79. That’s an average of ….let’s see…uh, 17 times 5 is….well, less than 5 bucks a bottle. Twelve of those are a very recent Fave that’s been $6.99, but is now $3.99! I got an Australian Shiraz that was 9 bucks before, and is also, now, $3.99, and this South African Shiraz, Two Oceans, for $4.99, down 4 bucks.

Two Oceans gets its name from the icy Atlantic and warm Indian Oceans coming together around the Cape, creating a climate unique to that area, and, according to Two Oceans, impacting their wines.

South Africa is relatively minor player on the world wine stage, but growing in stature. Probably the wine most associated with South Africa is Pinotage, from the grape of that name that was developed there first. Today it seems this area has also earned some cred for Sauvignon Blanc, and maybe a bit less so, for Shiraz.

Ours was a divided house on this one. It is fruity and flavorful, and has a taste of woodsmoke. It took us a few sips each to put a finger on the unique taste we were getting, but that was it. Imagine, after sitting around a campfire for a few hours at night, the smell on your shirt the next morning. The taste is that smell. That, in my opinion, is not a bad thing. The smell of a campfire, in most people’s file of memory smells, is a positive one. I found it interesting, and enhancing. Wife found it distracting, and not one she prefers in a glass. Although, after we identified the “campfire” association, she admitted it was growing on her. It’s definitely different than the many low-buck Shiraz we’ve tried recently, but I’d buy it again-and probably will if it’s still $4.99. Wife is not quite there yet.

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2 Responses to Two Oceans Shiraz

  1. midaevalmaiden says:

    Perhaps this is a wine to take camping then. The better to enjoy it.

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