Jacob’s Creek Merlot

     This is another huge Australian brand. They are located in the Barosa Valley, in South Australia, one of Australia’s top wine regions. But, like Yellow Tail, Little Penguin, Black Swan and other popular and affordable Aussie brands, their wine carries the much broader South Eastern Australia designation. Much like a California winery may well have a Napa Valley address, but unless the grapes are sourced there exclusively, the wine will carry the broad California designation.

   They are part of Orlando Wines, which also produces Wyndham Estate and several lesser known Australian brands. Orlando is, in turn, owned by beverage giant Pernod Ricard. Some of the most familiar names in the liquor store are part of the Pernod Ricard stable-Absolut, Chivas, Glenlivet, Kahlua, and many others. Jacob’s Creek is probably the most well known of their wine brands.

   The Store has elected to no longer sell Jake’s 1.5 liter size Merlot, so priced those remaining very attractively to make them disappear-$6.99 ! That’s a buck less than most of the 750ml size Jacob Creeks. Needless to say, I contributed to their disappearance.

   This was not among my favorites. I found it to be fairly tannic-harsh-and not very flavorful. We bought two bottles, so had it in 4 successive evenings. It has happened, in the past, that I’ve been unthrilled or disappointed with a selection, and then will have it the next night and see it differently. Different food, perhaps, or just a different mood. In fact, I try to sample a wine at least twice before lauding it or condemning it, for just that reason. No such change of mind here, though. I tried decanting it. That rounded the edges some, but it was never truly enjoyable. And on this one Wife and I were on the same wavelength. Don’t misunderstand-this isn’t horrible, or vinegar. It’s just that there are so many delightfully flavorful choices in my cheapskate price range that enduring bland is unnecessary. And I was quite ready to move beyond this particular Merlot to something more fun.

  Now, dear reader, keep right on reading through the next post, put up simultaneously with this one-the Jake’s Shiraz. Just to be fair….

                                                             Jacob’s Creek Shiraz

      This is the first, and probably only ever, Siamese twin, double yolk, binary star, yin and yang, BOGO style post. I thought it only fair to give equal time to a very enjoyable Jacob’s Creek wine, since I kind of dissed their Merlot a few inches north of here. That Jacob’s Creek Wine is their Shiraz.

      If there is a grape that Australia is most known for it would have to be Shiraz. And among the high volume, lower priced Aussies, it’s a fairly safe bet that their Shiraz will be OK, even if, say, their Chardonnay or Pinot Noir (or their 1.5 liter, $6.99 Merlot) is less enjoyable.

    This Jake’s bottle, a 750 ml., was sale priced at $5.99, two bucks off. I have had it in the past several times, and have always enjoyed it. This time as well. Medium bodied, nice berry flavors, tiny spice or pepper hint, not harsh. Subtle oakiness. This is a very nice wine for six bucks, and we’ll continue to bring it home, when it’s on sale. Cause I’m a Cheapskate.



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2 Responses to Jacob’s Creek Merlot

  1. Levi says:

    For those who are adventurous and like them all Jacobs creek offers a mixed case for around 70$ I wasn’t totally sold on them all but its a great bargain for those who want to try them all. You get 6 varietals 2 of each. Under 6$ a bottle.

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