H.R.M. Rex Goliath Pinot Grigio

 We just, previous post, talked about who or what Rex Goliath was, but it bears repeating that the producers say a 47 pound rooster is representative of the bold flavors of their wines. Ironically, both the Free Range Red, and again this Pinot Grigio are characterized by a gentle, approachable, easy to drink style. Certainly, that’s not a bad thing. But the big rooster on the label looks anything but approachable. Perhaps a 47 pound Teddy Bear would be more accurately representative of these two wines.

As reported, Rex Goliath is part of the huge portfolio of adult beverage brands owned by Constellation Brands, and was originally part of Hahn Family Winery. It is fairly astounding, to me anyway, the dozens and dozens of familiar brands around a wine and spirits store that seem to have an individual identity, but in fact are part of Constellation-or some other beverage Goliath. The 1.5 liter bottle was on sale for $9.99, down a couple bucks from the regular price. So, even at non-sale prices Rex Goliath wines are aimed squarely at me and my Cheapskate co-conspirators.

This selection is lighter in color than some P.G.s-a very pale yellow, while some are more golden. It is equally light on the palate. There are citrus and pear flavors, and a fruit juice smell. It isn’t sweet, but neither has any tartness or bite. Refreshing. If the intended result of the winemakers was a wine with very broad appeal, easy likeability, no “learn to like it” smells or tastes, they have hit their target. They’ve just got to stop talking about big and bold-more like polite and soft spoken.

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