Cavit Riesling

….speaking of Cavit…(see the post preceding this one)….I needed a wine to accompany the recent mandatory ham and sweet potato Sunday feast, and almost made a strategic error. First, I grabbed a bottle of Jacob’s Creek Moscato for my sons (which we’ll look at a little closer soon – the wine, not the sons), and was thinking Riesling for us oldsters. I impetuously grabbed a bottle of Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling, which was on sale for $9.99 for a 750 ml bottle, which I’ve heard over and over is a good one. I was all the way to the check out lane, when I had one of those cartoon style delayed reactions. A few steps away from the CSM, and within peripheral view, was the Cavit Riesling, in a 1.5 liter bottle, on sale for $10.99. My sub-conscience did a little calculating and pros and cons assessment, and just as the bottles were touching the check out counter, I picked them back up and made a U-turn back toward the Rieslings. Now, no doubt, the CSM would have been enjoyable. But it also would have quickly been empty! The Cheapskate side prevailed, and I brought home the Cavit.

       No regrets. We like their Pinot Grigio a lot, and perhaps illogically expected a similar take on Riesling. That turned out to be correct. Like the P.G., the Riesling was light, very clean and easy to drink, a click sweeter than the Pinot Grigio, more pear/peach/apricot in taste than the citrusy P.G., and very refreshing. It is very pale green, nearly clear in the glass. And, it worked well with the menu, including the strawberries over angel food cake for dessert. Ok, I’ve made myself hungry, gotta go. Try the Cavit Riesling!

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One Response to Cavit Riesling

  1. bfollette says:

    Nice blog, just scratching the surface. I’m a fruge as well. Loved the bargain barrel at Estrella WInery, now Meridian. Back then there were $2 bottles in there.

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