Barefoot Refresh Summer Red

Barefoot Summer RedTomorrow’s weather forecast, here in my highly secret undisclosed location, is for a high temp of 19 blistering degrees, and 4 to 8 inches of snow. What better time to talk about a wine with ”Summer” in the name!

Summer Red is part of Barefoot’s Refresh line of wines. They include, in addition, Perfectly Pink, Crisp White, and Sweet White. Three of the four Refreshers are blends of Moscato (which continues to multply and spread like stinkbugs) and something else. In this case, the Summer Red, it is a Pinot Noir and Moscato blend. The Perfectly Pink is Grenache and Mocato, the Sweet white is Pinot Grigio and Mosacato, and the Crisp White is a Riesling Chenin Blanc blend. It is fizzy, like a soft drink, and the label recommends pouring it over ice.

It would be easy to dismiss this product as just a sweet, low-alcohol, wine-for-people-who-don’t-like-wine, soda pop alternative. And maybe it is just that. But credit must be given to Barefoot for mining the  motherlode of people who do not like, or have yet to aquire a taste for the more traditional Merlots and Chardonnays. There has always been an entry point: Riunite Lambrusco, White Zins, and recently Moscato. Here is a variation on that sweet theme that is fun and hip and easy.

snowy picnic tableAnd it tastes good. There. I said it. This tastes lke the Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale that was always around at my Mother’s holiday meals. Clearly, this is not my choice for an everyday, home-late-from-work, sink-into-my-chair sipper. But it has its place. A Summer Sunday, hot dogs on the grill, sitting around the picnic table, cold  refresher?  This would be just fine. I just wish it was bit more summer-like outside today.

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