Most people would equate “Cheapskate” with miserly, and Webster agrees. But I use the term with some nuanced differences. A miser won’t part with his money, he loves it for its own sake. Generosity, or sharing,  is out of the question. He’s willing to do without,  and expects others who may depend on him to do the same. He’s selfish, and I deplore that. It is quite a different matter to be mindful of how your money is spent, to avoid wastefulness. Some might call it frugality, some stewardship, but here it is celebrated. When the purpose of an expenditure is to fill a particular need, it makes no sense to spend more than that which will fill it! It is simply the pursuit of getting a dollar’s value for a dollar spent. Or maybe a dollar and a quarter for a dollar spent! Of course, “value” is a subjective thing, and merchants, advertisers, and charlatans will go to great lengths to create the illusion of value.  One way to greatly increase the “cost” versus the “value” is to attach importance to somehow impressing others. It’s everywhere in our consumer society-brands that say conspicuously expensive. People, lots of them, will buy a finicky, undependable, horrible resale value vehicle from, say, Jaguar or Audi or Rover when a Civic, or a Corolla, or a Hyundai will haul their butts around for far, far less per mile. People, lots of them, will pay double or triple or more for an item of clothing because of a brand name or logo, when equally durable and functional clothes are readily available.  And nothing says ”I’m a sophisticate who can afford the best” like showing up at a party with a $70 bottle of wine. Now, please understand  it is in no way my intention to assert  people don’t have the right to spend their dough anyway they choose. Of course they do! If Armani suits, and Audi A8s,  and Chateau Margaux wines make sense to you, go for it! But, they do not to me.


11 Responses to Philosophy…

  1. kotton says:

    I dig it. I dig the philosophy, the house rules and the premise. I will be coming back for more. Thanks for checking out my new site.

  2. pienbiscuits says:

    This is now my third comment on this site in one session! I like your philosophy too. I have now subscribed to this site, as you appear to have subscribed to mine. I hope you enjoy my musings, rants and nonsense as much as I will enjoy your meander through the world of wine.

  3. J, just J. says:

    Again, I sure appreciate you stopping by. It’s nice to know someone sees this stuff.

  4. Thanks so much for subscribing – and I love your philosophy.

  5. banfibanter says:

    Hi, just want to say that this is a great concept, and thanks for mentioning Frontera and Trivento a while back. Also, wondering if you accept samples from wine companies? Thank you.

    • J, just J. says:

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. As for the sample thing-I’ve not so far, I’m a genuine consumer. Perhaps someday I’ll take this blog thing more seriously and get more sophisticated about it, but at this point I like relating the shopping experiences, the sale prices and merchandising aspect of shopping for wine. I hope you’ll visit again.

  6. Sabio Lantz says:

    Great site — one of your articles helped me today (Tree-Free Chardonnay).
    Suggestion: Go to widgets (in your Dashboard/Appearance section) and add the “Follow Blog” [by e-mail] widget. I would love to get emails when you post something new!

  7. Redlover says:

    You can send the samples to my house. 🙂 Just kidding. I too will be checking back soon. I’m one who is thinking that there is no way that a 15 dollar wine is twice as good as an 8 dollar one. Just does not make sense to me. Just saying. Thanks for all the great wine ideas. Peace.

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