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Foie Gras, Baked Brie, Carpaccio

  One aspect of the wine cult where pretense, snootiness, and faux sophistication are sure to rear their ugly heads is the whole subject of food pairings. People are mortified that their guests will think them philistine or the Clampetts … Continue reading

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Black Swan Shiraz 2010

  Black Swan, according to the label, is from South Eastern Australia. Many, many popular, affordably priced Australian wines are from this “Super Zone” which covers almost a third of Australia. More upscale Aussie wines may carry a GI, geographical … Continue reading

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Morassutti Merlot 2009

  I have had little success learning anything about the brand Morassutti. All I know is they are one of the many, many labels in the stable of brands wholly owned, controlled by, or imported by the giant company The … Continue reading

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The Labradoodle of Wine…Petite Sirah

  Lying on the floor near my feet, as I type this, and staring at me adoringly, is my dog, a Labradoodle. He is, without question, the friendliest, most cuddly creature on four feet. And he looks like a Sesame … Continue reading

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Gato Negro Chardonnay 2010

  I was just glancing through The Store‘s website, and noticed they are offering the Chateau Margaux 2000 Bordeaux Blend on sale for $1999, down $400 from their normal $2499. I wonder if it comes in a 1.5 liter bottle, … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name

  Fat Bastard…. (No, not me, the French wine)…. Plungerhead (so named because of its modern interpretation of the cork-the Zork)…Royal Bitch… Toasted Head…Gnarly Head…Bear Boat…Full Boat…Holy Cow…Moobuzz (by the same people as Plungerhead)…Red Truck (and Pink Truck)…Little Black Dress….Herding Cats….Goats … Continue reading

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Frontera Merlot 2009

Frontera is one of the 18 or so labels either wholly owned by, or partnered in some way with, Chilean wine giant Concha Y Toro. They produce cheapskate friendly labels Frontera and Sunrise, high end brand Carmen de Peumo, and … Continue reading

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