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Barefoot Moscato

 Last post I alluded to “entry point” wines, those that are likely to appeal to the tongue more accustomed to soft drinks. Often, that seems to be the White Zinfandels or other “inventions” that keep the sugar up, and the … Continue reading

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Gazela Vinho Verde

A common scenario: You, person A (or couple A), are dropping by a friends place, person B (or couple B) to hang out, have some light snacks, maybe watch a movie. You (A) would like to take along an adult … Continue reading

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Corbett Canyon Malbec

Practice what you preach! Confession is good for the soul! (insert similar cliché here). I have, in these pages, made light of the faux elitism, the snobbery, the phony “caste” system that is so much a part of wine-dom. But, … Continue reading

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Avia Pinot Noir

 Look, I never said everything inexpensive was good. In fact, if you look at the “Premise” tab at the top of this page, you’ll find a reference to the occasional “weed killer”. This, Avia Pinot Noir, just may be such … Continue reading

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Cupcake Malbec

 A pleasantly warm summer evening, sitting on the porch with Wife who says, “Let’s do something”….so we loaded our big, curly, normally quite docile dog into the car and headed for the nearby leash-off dog park, or as we call … Continue reading

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Rene Barbier Mediterranean Red

 A nice surprise, this Spanish cheapo. An unknown brand to me, and I’ve had no anecdotal evidence as to its merits, or lack thereof. I must admit I was drawn in by: A) The $5.99 sale price (a buck off … Continue reading

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